Sensory Class

Our new Aqua Sensory class is a multi-dimensional approach to learning to swim.


At SwimSense, we are introducing a new class that reflects our ethos of going at the learner’s pace.  Our new Aqua Sensory class is a multi-dimensional approach to learning to swim with parent participation.

Why? Because children are all different and learn in different ways. Some have heightened senses and awareness of their surroundings than others. For some the pool environment is overwhelming.

But it can also be so powerful if we change how we view our learning in water.

Why would a parent join this class?

  • To help your child learn to swim when they are ready at their own pace. 
  • To slow life down, and to appreciate the experience of being in the water together with your child.
  • Heighten awareness of all of the other learning that can happen in water, such as fine motor skills, building self-esteem, confidence, creativity to help develop the ‘whole’ child. 
  • Learn through all senses; a multidimensional human sees feels and moves in more ways than one.
  • Bring the joy of fun and relaxation to the water and the potential for magic is endless. 

How is this class different from our other classes?

Our Aqua Sensory class still works through all fundamental ‘learn to swim’ skills, however, the lesson is structured differently where parents are encouraged to tune in to their child’s pace of learning.

This class might be suitable if your child is more sensitive to their surroundings and find water overwhelming.

What is the price/cost? 

Each lesson is $12, with up to 8 swimmers in the class. 

Key Principles: Wait, Watch, Wonder