PreSchool Policies and Procedures

SwimSense Preschool Classes.


  • All Swimmers will receive a sticker book at the end of their first term. Please keep these at home. We will hand out the stickers which represent the swimming skill or attribute they have developed over the term. The first term they may get quite a few to get them up to the level they are currently at. But please explain this will only be for the first term as some get quite disappointed when they only get 1 the following terms☹
  • Group lessons are usually 25 min – While we endeavour to keep class sizes to 6 for parent/child and 4 for preschool classes every so often these classes may have an extra child – classes with one extra child will be run for 30 min.
  • If you are in the parent/child pre-school classes:
  • Please wear an old t-shirt or a rash vest. This is great for children’s learning and independence to help grab on to.
  • All Water Babies, toddlers, and all those not yet toilet trained must wear a disposable or reusable swim nappy underneath swimwear.  Baby swimmer nappy must form a good seal around little tummies and thighs. If anything ever does escape from a nappy (whether your own baby or anyone else’s) please tell the teacher immediately. We promise we won’t be cross! It’s for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Please always take your used nappies away with you.
  • Can all swimmers with long hair, please wear a cap. We have some for sale from $12-15 if you would like to purchase one. We also have goggles for sale at the pool. These are not necessary, but can be helpful. We recommend from the age of 3.


  • We have two cubicles for changing which are not really practical to have your young child in with you. We have beds on the side of the pool for you to change your children on if you need to, and a play area, exersaucers and child seats to place your child in (at your own risk) while you are getting changed. Lots of parents seem to get changed on the side of the pool which is fine with us.
  • We encourage you to communicate with your child’s teacher. Please keep this brief and discuss during lesson time to minimise disruption to your lesson and others. If you need to talk more, feel free to email us.
  • We hope that your child has a smooth ride through swimming lessons but sometimes that’s not always the case. Have a read through our ‘water wobbles’ blog on our website
  • Pool depth – 0.9m – 1.4m. We have graduated steps and platforms to stand on.
  • Pool Temperature – 32-33 degrees Celsius all year round
  • Remove Shoes before entering Pool Complex
    It is of up-most importance to us that we provide a healthy and hygienic environment for all to swim in. There are farm parasites such as cryptosporidium that can be spread from animals to humans that thrive in environments such as pools. Please help us to keep these out of our pool by removing your shoes. We are happy for you to wear slippers with a hard sole or crocs etc if you bring these in a separate bag. Thank you for your understanding.
  • No PramsInside please
    See above regarding shoes. But it’s also because our pool does not have a lot of space around poolside so for safety, please leave them in the car or outside. There is a sheltered area outside and to the right of the pool.

Please note:

We may ask that your child be moved to a class more suited to their ability once the Term starts, as we endeavour to give your child the best learning experience.

This will be only done after consultation with you.