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    What are my responsibilities as a parent around the pool?
    Children not in lessons are the responsibility of the accompanying adult. Parents/guardians are also responsible for your ‘swimming’ child outside of lesson time. Please ensure they follow the pool rules written on poolside (e.g. no running, staying behind the blue line, and keeping noise levels low)

    Can we use the playpen?
    Yes, this is for children under 5 years and they still require your supervision. We owe it to the children having lessons to focus our attention on them, and any distractions reduce this focus.

    Why do you not allow shoes to be worn around the pool?
    It is of upmost importance to us that we provide a healthy and hygienic environment for all to swim in. There are parasites such as cryptosporidium that can be spread from animals to humans that thrive in environments such as pools. Please help us to keep these out of our pool by removing your shoes. We are happy for you to wear slippers with a hard sole or crocs etc if you bring these in a separate bag. Thank you for your understanding.

    Why can I not bring my pram into the pool?
    See answer above regarding shoes. Also, our pool does not have a lot of space around poolside so for safety, please leave them in your car or outside. There is a sheltered area outside and to the right of the pool.

    Does my child have to wear a swimming cap?
    Those children with medium to long hair will need a swimming cap. The pool filters don’t like a lot of hair!