Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequent questions.


The Pool

  • How deep is the water?
    9m – 1.4m. We have graduated steps and platforms to stand on.
  • How warm is the water?
    32-33 degrees Celsius all year round
  • Why do you not allow shoes to be worn around the pool?
    It is of up-most importance to us that we provide a healthy and hygienic environment for all to swim in. There are farm parasites such as cryptosporidium that can be spread from animals to humans that thrive in environments such as pools. Please help us to keep these out of our pool by removing your shoes. We are happy for you to wear slippers with a hard sole or crocs etc if you bring these in a separate bag. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Why can I not bring my pram in to the pool?
    See answer above regarding shoes. But it’s also because our pool does not have a lot of space around poolside so for safety, please leave them in the car or outside. There is a sheltered area outside and to the right of the pool.


  • How does preferential booking work?
    Half-way through each term we ask current SwimSense families if they wish to re-book. Payment for the following term is required to confirm your booking. After close-off date, which we will advise to enrolled families, we then take preferences from current families if they want to change days/times. In week 9 of each term we open up bookings to the public.
  • What if my child is sick? Please make contact with us whatever time of the day as it is helpful to notify our instructors. Text 027 621 3280 and leave a message. Please see separate section about make-up lessons.
  • What if I am going away?
    We really appreciate families contacting us in advance if you know you will be away as it helps to open up a space for a make-up lesson.

Lesson Information

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