Make Up Policy


SwimSense does not guarantee make-up lessons

You have paid for that time slot for lessons, please make it high priority to come.

However we understand that illness occurs and it can’t be helped.

We offer a make-up lesson for private lessons only.

Private Lessons – If your child is sick and you have given us notice by 8am on the day of their lesson, or before, we may be able to slot your child in to a space where we know someone else is away for the day. One make-up per term. Credits are kept for two terms. Please contact the Manager the week that you would like to come to see what spaces are available.

Alternatively, our teachers will give your child some extra time if they know that the person before or after their lesson is away. Over the course of the term/year, the missed lesson might be ‘made-up’ through the extra time.

Shared privates – our apologies but we can’t offer a make-up for the shared private lessons if the other child is still having their lesson. The pool still has to be heated and chemicals prepared for the class. It usually works out over the course of the term/year, both children are away at some point so the other child gets the private one-on-one time to make up.

If your child is unwell for a period of time or sustains an injury, then a private arrangement with the Manager can usually sort that.

Pre-School Classes

The little ones seem to always get sick, especially over winter! Building those immune systems😊 Unfortunately we can’t do a make-up as the teacher and other children are still there, the pool has to be heated and chemicals prepared. However if they are away a significant amount of time, please contact us.

We thank you for your understanding.